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The students of todays are undergoing tremendous amount of educational stress, compared to the student 25 years ago.The "syllabus" has become more vast,examinations have become more mark-oriented and the bags have become more heavy. The student should be the focus of Educatin, not the marks.we have begun introducing several reforms to make learning student friendly. Your co-operation will help to expedite our mission.

May the "Tin" turn into "Silver" and eventually "Gold". In the prevailing scenario, education has become very important. Unless and until the quality of education at the is improved. Education is the greatest gift of the Almighty to mankind. The role of education is nothing less than that of a catalyst. Here every student is well attended to, for the assimilation of eastern values and western intellect. We look forward to your c ontinued support. We have "Miles to go before we sleep, Miles to go...............!"
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